Labrand visits UA92

UA92 Welcomes LaBrand Agency Ltd

UA92 invited LaBrand Agency to its Campus in Old Trafford on Wednesday 3rd February 2022, to conduct a talk to students from Connell AC. Lead by Director of Strategy Paige Nunu and CEO Simon La Band. The session was focused on how a joined-up Strategy, Brand, Creative and Digital plan all play a vital part for any brand to be successful.


UA92 CEO Sara Prowse comments We have a very close relationship with Connell College, and it was a pleasure to host them on our campus to help their students gain valuable insight into the real world of digital brand strategy with the experts from LaBrand.  UA92 makes higher education accessible to all no matter the background, through our founding principles of accessibility, social mobility, and inclusivity. Creating connections like this are fundamental to our thinking; bringing together knowledgeable digital marketing experts and inquisitive college students could well be the catalyst these young people need to make their first step on what could the career of their dreams”


The students all showed initiative, willing and engagement throughout, taking part in the session with ideas flowing and at the end of the session this resulted in six of the students being selected for a week’s work experience at LaBrand Agency. 


LaBrand Agency is making waves with its refreshing, relationship-focused approach to digital marketing – dedicated to delivering specialist services including e-Commerce consultancy and international expansion for DTC brands. 


Previously Head of Enterprise Sales for THG, founder Simon spotted a gap in the market’s current offering for SMEs who need specialised support and dedicated care to grow their business. “LaBrand was born from a passion to offer a full-service experience and remove the nuisances of multi-agency & system collaboration”. Having worked with businesses across, F&B, Beauty, FMCG and Fashion and seeing and hearing their pain points along with escalating costs and the complex world that is direct-to-consumer being navigated, I felt that the relationship is vital to maintain great a close way of working was often down-played and de-prioritised. I have spent my whole career developing long-lasting relationships that result in repeat business and referrals, so I know the value of that connection between client and agency and what it means to have someone who cares on your side as you grow a business.”


LaBrand Agency is poised to bring about a much-needed change in the marketing space, continuing to develop strong connections with the brands they work with. Assembling an impressive core team of experts all with extensive experience and longstanding backgrounds with established companies in the DTC space such as THG and Havas Lynx.


A key part of growth, identified by LaBrand, for both their business and their clients, is through strategic Partnerships. So far, this includes… Shopify, BigCommerce for e-Commerce platform development and APADMI for App Development. MentionMe as our trusted referral engine, ShipBob for 3PL services. DotDigital for marketing automation, along with Patchworks, and the Go! Network for business development, events, insight, and support. We are also building out a funding facility for expanding DTC brands, which will be officially announced soon, under LaBrand Capital.  


Based in bright, airy modern offices in the heart of Manchester’s Central Business District, in the old Lloyds Bank building. The team’s focus is on offering full-service support for international e-Commerce brands – in particular, those looking to expand into new territories. LaBrand specialises in e-Commerce consultancy and the management of DTC websites wishing to grow their customer base online, notably concentrating on enabling businesses to scale from the UK into the US, Australia, and New Zealand, and vice versa. Simon explains: “We are aware that many brands are looking to expand either into or out of the UK and with our skillset and experience we’re perfectly positioned to help them do that.”


Whilst the same high-level expert guidance and support you can expect from a top agency is on offer, businesses can expect a compassionate, transparent approach from LaBrand – a departure from the ‘just a number’ methodology adopted by many large marketing firms. The agency already has an exciting growth strategy in place for the next few years, with ambitions to open offices in the USA, Australia, and New Zealand. 


Passionate about inspiring and enhancing the industry, they’ll be offering additional resources to help expand their business knowledge base and share tips and advice on the complexities of international DTC marketing. 


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