e-Commerce Strategy

e-Commerce Strategy

If you’re feeling lost or suspect your e-Commerce site isn’t reaching its potential – we’re here to help. At LaBrand our focus is on helping our D2C clients to excel and succeed with solutions-based, hands-on support and dedicated e-Commerce strategic consulting to take away the complication of navigating this complex space.  

“e-Commerce strategic consulting with an edge”

We believe that e-Commerce strategy should begin with a stage of diagnosis and insight. Use of discovery into your business, target audience, category and culture – to set the benchmark and direct the opportunity. The goal? Finding that juicy insight and competitive advantage that will attract, engage and convert consumers. 


As a full-service digital agency, we won’t just help you to plan an end-to-end e-Commerce strategy that delivers – we’ll also efficiently implement it for you across all D2C and marketing workstreams, allowing you to focus your resources in-house more effectively.  

Defining a pathway to solve a challenge

Many businesses make the mistake of failing to plan an e-Commerce strategy – losing not only the prospect of sustainable sales and growth, but precious resources in the process. First things first, we ensure that a clear plan of action is in place – a defined and differentiated D2C proposition that ultimately guides the site direction. This guiding policy will become the consensus that Team LaBrand work from, directing the site platform, UX, functionality, initiatives, tactics and activity.  


Our initial stages of strategic planning involve in-depth insight and analysis, determining your consumer profile(s), conducting competitor, industry and market research. For brands with existing e-Commerce, data discovery is an essential first step. Analysis of historical sales data, consumer behaviour and trading patterns is extremely valuable in guiding your future approach.  

Determine the strategic vision

Got an idea of where you want to go in your mind’s eye, but not sure what steps to take to get there?


Having an overarching vision for your e-Commerce journey is key to ensuring that your D2C not only generates revenue but is profitable.  


Going D2C features many moving parts, which is why we are here to make the complex simple. And that simplicity is held together by a considered and tailored approach – in other words, the art of planning. The experience, expertise and time needed to plan an e-Commerce strategy effectively is rarely available to companies in-house, which is why having an expert team of specialists on-side to be guided by and collaborate with is crucial.  

Collaboration is key

Once you have your e-Commerce strategy in place, our team will work with your business to ensure it is aligned with and complements offline activity. An omni-channel approach is fundamental for enhancing both the consumer and brand experience. And of course, for maximising revenue and sale opportunities across all consumer touchpoints. 


A considered e-Commerce strategy also enables us to more effectively plan performance marketing and creative implementations – ensuring insights are applied with laser accuracy.  


Need a breakthrough yet straightforward solutions-based e-Commerce strategy and specialist support for your D2C business? Contact us today to get started.


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