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International e-Commerce

Brand and product relevancy across different markets is essential for sustainable growth 

The beauty of e-Commerce is its versatility and the freedom to share your product with anyone, anywhere in the world – if you have the proposition, infrastructure and knowhow that is. Navigating the complexities and challenges of selling in different territories successfully requires resilience, experience and commitment. 


Internationalising and subsequently increasing brand reach and consumer base, opens brands to an elevated level of growth opportunities. Why remain restricted to one market, when you could reach millions more consumers who will resonate with your brand and product offering? 


If you’re planning on entering new locales, it is crucial to ensure your end-to-end e-Commerce operation is relevant to each market. This is where LaBrand come in to provide strategic consultancy by region and locale. We will scope out international opportunities, validate your international roadmap and implement your go-to-market strategy.  


LaBrand specialises in providing holistic and comprehensive consultancy for businesses looking to internationalise but in need of a starting point. In addition to providing an international roadmap recommendation, our team of specialists offer tailored and localised support to scale your DTC brand. 

Preliminary planning and preparatory stages are key

First things first – we need to scope out the opportunity. What international markets are in growth? What is the size of the prize? Comprehensive research and analysis will initially be conducted across a series of quantitative and qualitative factors. The aim of this research is to identify the recommended opportunity for your brand’s international DTC rollout plan. From a quantitative perspective, a series of key metrics including behavioural, digital, economic and social factors will be investigated. From a qualitative perspective, discovery of your audience, competitors and market will be conducted in context of your brand, validating alignment with your vision and values. 


Feasibility of each locale is then reviewed from the perspective of its regulatory landscape, legal restrictions, leading payment providers, logistical complexity and distribution channels. We ultimately undergo thorough research and analysis to minimise the risk and maximise the success. Determining which territories to expand into first is the crucial first step of a promising internationalisation strategy.  


Staying open to opportunities is also key – and the results of this research may surprise you. For UK brands, the first port of call is usually the USA – but the possibilities really are endless, so our preliminary research includes all potential territories that may have scope for success, leaving no stone left unturned to identify what’s best for your brand. LaBrand works with businesses in the UK, US and Australia and New Zealand to scale into respective territories – but our expertise is far-reaching, including knowledge of markets in the Middle East and Asia. 

Adaptive, targeted marketing support to maximise global success

Our full-service offering means you can depend on our specialist marketing and trading teams to develop localised performance-led strategies per territory. A strong understanding of what it takes to win; attract, resonate, convert and engage, is key.  


Once the international roadmap is finalised, we have the ability to take care of all aspects of your end-to-end DTC operations, from the localised proposition, site build, fulfilment and logistics. It is crucial that your master site and operations are developed with internationalisation in mind, to ensure it is scalable and isn’t limited. 

Global selling support that moves with you

As your brand expands internationally, you’ll need specialised support on side to move at the same pace as your opportunities. New territories naturally bring new challenges and new ways of thinking. The prioritised routes will be vetted and supported by a full operational and regulatory review at key stages, ensuring your expansion can be constantly monitored and amendments to strategy can be made responsively to ensure for sustainable success.   


Ready to open your business up to a world of opportunities? Get in touch today for a chat. 


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