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 Website content

 Link profile and opportunities

 Core Web Vitals

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Free SEO Audit - Why You need one and what you will receive

Your Free SEO Audit will be carried out by an expert and will give you a detailed, easy to understand breakdown of all the key aspects of your organic visibility.

From website structure to link profiling, we will show you how to fix problems quickly and how to map out a long term path to success. Our report will be tailored to your website and will give you a clear action plan.

Our SEO Audit Process

All of our Free SEO Audits are tailored to each ad account so contents will vary from one account to another, depending on our findings in the audit. Below is a view of a typical SEO audit process to show you our workflow and structure.

Free SEO Audit


Executive Summary

As with any detailed report, an executive summary helps summarise the findings and present back to you a snapshot of the health of your website at the time of auditing. We will describe the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for you and highlight any immediate wins we see.

12 Month Lookback

We’ll present back a top line summary of key metrics over 12 months. This will help evaluate your website over a longer period and show developing trends. Is your traffic improving, how have key metrics developed? 12 months is a long time in SEO and many factors influence performance. Our experts will offer their guidance on how your account has been performing.

Previous Month Lookback Figures

Our SEO experts will dive deeper into the more recent history of your website and show how it is performing now. This is an important step in understanding how your website stacks up under current conditions and will show us and you if progress is being halted and how much testing is being done to drive incremental improvements. We advocate continuous optimisation to ensure SEO is on top of developing market conditions, search engine updates and it is proven to drive wins for our clients.

Website Structure & Crawlability

Account structure and naming conventions are often overlooked because the name of a campaign or ad group doesn’t directly impact performance. The main benefit of a logical structure with clear naming conventions is an account becomes easier to manage and you can make decisions quicker based on clearer data and understanding of where improvements can be made.

Your account structure is a key part of aligning your account with your overall objectives so our experts will report back with recommendations on account structure for you.


Conversion Tracking (Pixels, Remarketing, Analytics etc)

Data is key to SEO success, and a fundamental part of data collection for SEO is conversion tracking. Without adequate tracking you are effectively swimming in the dark. If you cannot see how your SEO efforts are performing, you cannot improve them.

We have seen some very costly errors due to a lack of tracking so this is a key area for our experts when auditing your SEO program.

Link profile and opportunities

Links remain very important to an SEO program and we will assess your current backlink profile, identify poor quality links and help you remove them. We will also help you identify link opportunities that can help improve your rankings but provide a potential source of relevant referral traffic to further boost your consumer acquisition.

Core Web Vitals

Speed and performance have become significant metrics and it’s important to pay attention to your site’s performance to provide a great user experience and to align with search engine guidelines. We’ll scan for performance and recommend improvements to cut page load times and improve the user journey.

Keywords and content

We will audit your content and help you understand how your keyword profile stacks up, whether it is relevant and provide guidance on content gaps and content that isn’t adding value to your domain. With this information, you can create a strong content plan – targeting the search topics your consumers are engaging with to improve your visibility.

Concluding Comments 

This section is similar to the executive summary but will be more detailed on summing up our recommendations for improving your SEO efforts. We will include any specific comments from our experts for you here.

After your audit, we recommend you book a short session with an expert who can provide additional context and answer any questions you may have. This will enable you to build a roadmap for next steps to get the most from your Free SEO Audit.

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