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As a Shopify partner agency and dedicated Shopify designers, we’ve seen many a fledgling brand gain their wings and fly with Shopify. Our mission is to help the brands we work with to flourish wherever they’re currently at – whether your ambition is to optimise and maximise sales on an existing platform, or to get started and grow as efficiently and painlessly as possible with solutions-based, personalised support.



So what’s Shopify all about, how can using it help your business, and why should you choose us to help you do that? Read on as we reveal everything you need to know about Shopify and Shopify?

Subscription-based software Shopify is a dedicated e-Commerce platform used by over one million businesses worldwide. It’s fairly low cost (coming in at around £28 per month), available in 129 countries worldwide and allows you to set up a functional and professional e-commerce site for your brand, whether you’re just starting out or want to launch an existing product online.


So why Shopify? Shopify is favoured over other similar platforms because it represents the ‘gold standard’ in e-Commerce software both front-end (for your customers) and back-end (for you and your team). It also seamlessly integrates with other key platforms like MailChimp, retail partner apps, social channels including Facebook and Instagram (not forgetting their recent link-up with

Tik Tok) and other ops systems within your business, such as fulfilment software. It also has over 3,200 apps designed to make building a unique shopping experience easy for e-Commerce brands across all sectors and industries. In simple terms, Shopify is offering full-solution support that’s unrivalled within the e-Commerce space right now.


Here’s Shopify at a glance:


*Shopify is the second largest e-Commerce platform (after Amazon) in the US

*More than one million businesses worldwide currently use Shopify – over 7000 use Shopify Plus

*Shopify revenue to date exceeds $2.9 billion, and Shopify sites have collectively received over 1 billion orders (and counting!)

*Shopify grew at 3x the rate of its competitors over the last 5 years (growing 100% year on year between 2019 and 2020)

*Around 218 million people a year purchase products through Shopify sites


Some of Shopify’s best-known features include versatility and usability – one of their key selling points is that ‘anyone can set up and quickly launch their online store with Shopify’.


Here’s the catch – whilst you can do this, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should – or that it’ll be easy and you’ll get great returns for your business. More on that later.


What about Shopify Plus?


Shopify is used by a huge array of businesses – both large and small. What’s good for a start-up isn’t going to work for a multi-million-pound brand, so in 2014 Shopify launched Shopify Plus, its next-level platform with enhanced capabilities for enterprise retailers making hundreds of thousands of sales each month. It’s the same core offering – with added flexibility, upgraded features,

full support and more in-depth functionality allowing you to get really creative with your site.


Shopify Plus is for you if:


*Your turnover is £1million or over, OR sales exceed several thousand per week

*You’re a household name brand or global enterprise

*You need a fully customisable experience plus account access for large teams in order to manage your site and customer experience


As you might expect, the expanded capabilities of Shopify Plus come with more management required and tailoring to do behind the scenes. That’s where we come in as a dedicated e-Commerce agency. Our Shopify developers are well-versed in working with Shopify code, so they can easily achieve the exact look and user experience you’re after. Better still, we have the capacity to help you manage the platform going forward, so that you can concentrate on building a profitable global brand.


Unlike the subscription model offered to their SME ecomms customers, Shopify Plus costs are based on your online store’s turnover. The price starts at roughly £2000 minimum, or 0.25% of your monthly sales volume (whichever is greater) – so it’s pretty pricey and recommended only for companies turning over £1million and over.


If you’ve got big plans for your brand and see Shopify Plus in your future, fear not. As you grow, we’ll be on hand to give you impartial expert guidance on when it’s right to take the plunge, and let you know when it’s time to progress to Shopify Plus.


Dedicated Shopify development


This moves us on nicely to Shopify development. ‘Why do I need a dedicated Shopify development partner?’, we hear you ask. Well,

Shopify is a specialist platform. It’s fully customisable, has seamless integration and it’s user friendly (when you know what you’re doing). That’s great – but if you have big ambitions for your e-Commerce brand you’ll need dedicated experts on-hand to help you make the most of its many tools and features. At times, it’s complex to get things perfect – so having professionals on board to take care of your Shopify presence minimises the risk of lengthy build times, compromised functionality and frustrating mishaps.


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