E-Commerce Strategy and Consultancy

Our e-Commerce consultants will assist you in building a winning e-Commerce strategy using proven frameworks and real-time data.
e-Commerce strategy in action

Best Practice For Competitor Analysis

Putting yourself in the shoes of the consumer can be difficult, especially when your business already has the solution to hand. But, our competitor research is conducted by removing the bias and brand mindset. Instead, we approach the marketplace as your typical consumer would. This entails everything from search engine research, onsite and offsite review checks, USP matrixing and more. By unearthing the various competitors both inside and outside of your core brand arena, we leave no competitive advantage unturned.

Understanding Your Consumer Profile

Understanding what your consumer needs and the problem you hope to solve is necessary. But understanding why they have that need is vital. Our comprehensive consumer profiling exercises determine your consumers’ behaviour, attitudes and values. In turn, this drives a stronger, undeniable brand proposition. One that you cannot afford to pass up on.

e-Commerce Strategy Underpins your whole go-to-market plan

Strategic planning underpins the success of any e-Commerce business. Not to mention the need for a solid go-to-market approach that has become increasingly more important as markets expand, and competition broadens. Our e-Commerce consultants will establish where there is longevity in your proposition and how you can make sure that your offering encompasses an end-to-end experience for the consumer. What’s more, our e-Commerce consultants will make sure your strategy not only retains consumers’ attention but engages their interest in the first place.


We work with businesses of all sizes to achieve their strategic objectives. Whether you are just beginning your e-Commerce journey, or you are seeking to scale internationally, our e-Commerce experts will be by your side every step of the way.

Bespoke Approaches Through Segmentation

Tapping into micro-markets is a crucial aspect often missed in strategies, but not by our e-Commerce experts. Our segmentation approach is conducted via demographic, interests and regional behaviours. Our focus on segmentation encompasses the entirety of the consumer journey. We ensure every element from interest to checkout and beyond accommodates consumer habits. The result is an easier journey to to purchase again and again.

Defining Your ‘Hook’

Establishing a differentiated proposition is key to sustainable growth. It might seem simple to be different. But, in an overcrowded saturated market, we understand the problems to come. We revisit the ‘what, why, how, where and when’. As a result  your proposition is clear amongst competitors and mostly importantly for your consumers. 

Our e-Commerce consultants’ expertise is further utilised here. We provide optimised recommendations for your online presence. After all, your brand needs to make an impact beyond plain platform selling… the entire online experience is now under consumer scrutiny.

Understanding Trend Potential

Despite brand authenticity remaining paramount, our experience has equipped us for the exploration of market trends. We continue to recommend that cherry-picking which wave to ride is crucial. Because the consequence of picking the wrong one is detrimental.


Whether this be an industry trend, a social platform or technical tool. No decision is recommended without careful consideration & research. We use real-time data and insight to support our e-Commerce strategy, and keep you right up-to-date on trend potential.

Identifying and Connecting Industries

Established by our robust consumer profiling activities, it becomes clear where industries and consumer spaces overlap. We intend to exploit these opportunities. Not only for the benefit of getting a concise, well-rounded view of our consumers, but to provide strategic recommendations for partnerships, collaborations and brand relationship building. Supported by extensive data packages, research and industry network solutions, we can optimise your sales through a variety of considered and consulted means.

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