Customer Insights and Segmentation

Customer Insight

“Mood and atmosphere changes everything. Context of how your consumer feels when engaging with your brand matters”.  

The emotional connection and joy we get when engaging with a brand that is perfectly positioned for us isn’t elusive nor luck-based. It is curated by the company through a series of analysis and clinical data collection, forming solid customer insights and customer profiles. 


At LaBrand, upfront customer insight and analysis always form the foundations for each and every client we work with. It is what we like to call the stage of diagnosis; Who are they? What are their attitudes and influences? What do they want? Where do they discover products? How do they shop? These findings initially guide your customer profiles and personas, which will be finessed once the DTC is LIVE, and we collect that all important – data. 


We believe in embracing the negative. Understanding the good, bad and the ugly opinions of your brand and products is integral to effective strategic planning and adapting a customer-centric approach. We endeavour to continuously enhance customers’ experience with your brand, which can be aided with valid customer feedback. Thorough customer insight, complimented by discovery into the market, category and your brand story, forms the recipe for uncovering your digital competitive advantage 


In order to remain relevant and grow sustainably, you’ve got to know your customer inside out. We set out by developing a strong understanding of how to attract, resonate and connect with your customers, followed by a tailored DTC proposition and undeniable site offering. Whether it is through personalisation, uber-convenience or an educational positioning, we proactively use data to serve your customers and pinpoint their needs. This is the ‘holy grail’ for all brands – being able to forge such strong connections with customers that not only secure sales and build repeat purchase, but also nurture long-term loyalty.  

Customer segmentation helps create compelling customer journeys that maximise conversion.

Once we’ve established the target audience, it is critical to map out their customer journey – on and off site. Understanding how to initially capture their attention and push them to discovery, purchase and ongoing engagement, will be the guiding policy for the site’s functionality, trading mechanics and marketing activity.   


The importance of customer insight and data isn’t limited to the beginning of your DTC journey. Continuously tracking new and existing customer journeys is key in order to convert browsers into customers and customers into loyalists. Targeted marketing approaches, drip campaigns, customer feedback outreach and ongoing optimisation of the site’s UX will be undertaken to ensure a cycle of added value is maintained for your customers. There’s a lot to consider and collate, so collaborating with a dedicated team of specialists is essential.  


Customer-centricity is key. Understanding your customers and optimising their journey through ongoing insight and data collection is what we believe to be one of a brand’s most invaluable assets.   


Ready to get closer to your customers and enhance their brand experience? Get in touch today to get started.  

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