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A brilliant brand is one of your company’s most valuable assets. Our agency branding and creative team know how important it is to get this right and we’re with you every step of the way.
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The Connection in Branding

Branding is much more than the colours, typography, tone of voice and logo. It is the reflections of these materials that shape the perception made by your consumers that really matters. Smart and intuitive branding generates a connection between the brand and the consumer, it engages their interest and sparks a fundamental first impression that we know can be pivotal in future consumer purchasing behaviours. It’s for this reason, we’re a branding agency who embed relevance and researched thinking into every branding decision.

Localisation Positioning

It is a common misconception that international growth is easy, particularly when your business spots a flourishing market aligned to your industry, product or core market brand direction. 


Sustainable growth is overlooked in the face of an emerging market, especially when competition is cultivating and market share is dominating. Our dedicated branding agency team can bring about international excellence, our approach does not cut and paste brand positioning and offering, it is considered and sustainably optimised to maximise your expansion results.

A Manchester Design And Branding Agency With A Difference ​

Our team brings many years’ e-Commerce branding experience and we know a thing or two about creating and developing beautiful brands that engage and retain consumers. We stepped away from the bigger branding agency approach we were seeing. Their approach tended to leave clients feeling lost amongst other clients. But this is something we kept in mind when building LaBrand.


Rather than just take on more and more clients to service growth, we put our heart and soul into a smaller number of clients. We want to build long lasting relationships, encompassing deep insight, trust and real connections to clients and their consumers. We want to see you succeed. You success is our success.


We’re a creative branding agency that understands the all-encompassing nature of a strategic brand project. That’s why a branding project will call on skillsets from across the agency. Our creative team are supported by our strategy team to get to the insight and deliver a winning proposition. They are also supported by our digital team to ensure assets are created in the best formats and your go to market runs smoothly. As a full-service branding agency, we’re fully equipped to help you in any area you require.

Visibility and Relevancy

Being visible in the right spaces is crucial. When putting a brand out there, it’s essential to understand how your consumer navigates the market and make it easy for them to find you there. We hone in on your consumer and analyse their behaviours, optimising your strategy and content as we go. There is no room for assumptions about your consumer any more, there are more digitally savvy than ever. 


We take a comprehensive approach to growth, appreciating the many ways consumers are discovering brands rather than following previous marketing patterns and industry norms. Whilst we may be the only agency you need for success, when it comes to appearing relevant in the market, there is no one size fits all.


Localised Design, Language and Offering

It is naïve to think that a brand’s positioning, offering and creative appeal would work equally as well, or better, in a different locale without heavy consideration. There are many factors we can recommend to consult, but design, creative, language, positioning and offering are by far the big contenders. 


With a background and broad experience in the localisation of many brands worldwide, we provide an expert team to steer, guide and re-develop your presence for these markets. Not to mention the future-proofing for this locale optimisation upon the start of your journey with us. Brands who fail to tailor their approach to the needs, wants and behaviours of international markets are the same brands who did not appreciate the fluidity of branding, not the important of optimised strategy.

Your Brand Matters

Strong, successful brands can make (or break) a business, so it’s important you choose a branding agency with the resources to deliver everything you need. 


The e-Commerce market is highly competitive, so you need to be able to capture your audiences’ attention, engage them with meaningful connection and retain them to keep them coming back for more. 


Working with us, brings you huge amounts of experience and we will ensure you hit the spot with your audience by creating something that makes them want to interact with you. Together we will build a brand that is recognisable, reflects who your consumers are and drives you to your objectives.

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