Branding for e-Commerce

A brilliant brand is one of your company’s most valuable assets. It tells your story, shares who you are and communicates what you do whilst establishing strong connections with your clients and customers.   But building successful brands is no mean feat. It involves shaping your story and making it easily digestible through images, colours and the written word,… Continue reading Branding for e-Commerce

Customer Insight

“Mood and atmosphere changes everything. Context of how your consumer feels when engaging with your brand matters”.   The emotional connection and joy we get when engaging with a brand that is perfectly positioned for us isn’t elusive nor luck-based. It is curated by the company through a series of analysis and clinical data collection, forming solid customer insights and customer profiles.   … Continue reading Customer Insight

e-Commerce Strategy

If you’re feeling lost or suspect your e-Commerce site isn’t reaching its potential – we’re here to help. At LaBrand our focus is on helping our DTC clients to excel and succeed with solutions-based, hands-on support and dedicated e-Commerce strategic consulting to take away the complication of navigating this complex space.   “e-Commerce strategic consulting with an edge” We believe that e-Commerce… Continue reading e-Commerce Strategy

International e-Commerce

Brand and product relevancy across different markets is essential for sustainable growth  The beauty of e-Commerce is its versatility and the freedom to share your product with anyone, anywhere in the world – if you have the proposition, infrastructure and knowhow that is. Navigating the complexities and challenges of selling in different territories successfully requires… Continue reading International e-Commerce

BigCommerce Development

e-Commerce is now one of the fastest growing sectors in the retail space – generating US$4.2 trillion per year globally with over two billion people purchasing goods or services online. You’re looking for a slice of the action – but with that comes a whole lot of decision making about which platform you trust to represent your brand and handle the transactional element… Continue reading BigCommerce Development

Shopify Development

Subscription-based software Shopify is a dedicated e-Commerce platform used by over one million businesses worldwide. It’s fairly low cost (coming in at around £28 per month), available in 129 countries worldwide and allows you to set up a functional and professional e-Commerce site for your brand, whether you’re just starting out or want to launch an existing product online.   SO WHY SHOPIFY? Shopify is favoured over other… Continue reading Shopify Development