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e-Commerce is now one of the fastest growing sectors in the retail space – generating US$4.2 trillion per year globally with over two billion people purchasing goods or services online. You’re looking for a slice of the action – but with that comes a whole lot of decision making about which platform you trust to represent your brand and handle the transactional element of the relationship between you and your consumers. 


Relatively new kid on the block BigCommerce is already making waves – with 60,000 active users, its advanced technology and common-sense solutions coupled with simple, straightforward payment plans have attracted numerous blue-chip brands to the platform. It may still be smaller than its counterparts such as Shopify and WooCommerce, but it’s mighty – and growing year on year thanks to its comprehensive offering and variety of niche solutions for businesses needing an edge.  


LaBrand is a BigCommerce agency, offering full 360’ support for e-Commerce companies at all stages of their growth, so naturally BigCommerce development is something we’re passionate and knowledgeable about. Ready to learn more about BigCommerce web design and discover the potential benefits of this platform for your business? Let’s dive in!  

Reach more consumers with direct to consumer e-Commerce

what is bigcommerce?

Launched in 2009, Australian-born e-Commerce platform BigCommerce was created as an alternative to the current solutions out there, with which brands were experiencing limitations in functionality and flexibility as they grew.  


This fully hosted e-Commerce solution offers complete versatility for global brands, blue chips and large e-Commerce stores taking high sales volumes month on month – however new ventures are welcome, too. SMEs were BigCommerce’s initial focus – but in 2015 they made a strategic decision to serve larger companies. This doesn’t mean smaller businesses are excluded from its offering, though. Plans start at just $29 and scale from there – making it an affordable option for start-ups.  


BigCommerce is different because it focuses on providing no-nonsense solutions and flawless functionality that plugs the gaps in other e-Commerce platform offerings – and welcomes all types of business across all sectors – from start-ups and SMEs to multi-national corporate giants.  

why bigcommerce?

BigCommerce is now one of the most established e-Commerce products out there – with millions of dollars billed through the platform each year. BC boasts some pretty impressive clients we think you may recognise, too – like Ben and Jerry’s, Toyota and SuperDry.  


Super-scalable BigCommerce’s main point of attraction comes from its ‘best of both worlds’ offering. Like other e-Commerce platforms, there’s a DIY element to it – BigCommerce offers 12 templates (with additional paid-for templates available from $150) to be moulded to your unique vision. But here’s where they’re different – instead of simply using the same templates as others with recognisable features, BigCommerce allows developers to tweak and customise the html and CSS extensively to make your site truly unique (more on BigCommerce developers below).  


This is what makes BigCommerce the ideal ‘goldilocks’ solution for a brand that needs a site that has custom visual appeal and functionality as if it was coded just for them, but doesn’t want to build from scratch, instead preferring the back-up of a platform behind the scenes.  

Some other advantages of choosing BigCommerce include: 


*0% platform fees or commission: This is one of the main attractions as far as BigCommerce features go – and it’s easy to see why! Based on other platform structures, an e-Commerce business taking £100,000 revenue via their site per year would lose around 1% of that (£1000) to fees. And of course, this figure expands as you do. BigCommerce doesn’t take a percentage of what you earn on top of the cost of the plan you choose – so your monthly fee is the only expense to account for, alongside bank fees, BigCommerce development and management costs.  


*Unlimited selling capacity for physical or digital products: No barriers to growth – just unlimited earning potential, thanks to BigCommerce’s generous product allowance enabling you to scale confidently without hidden fees down the line.    


*Enhanced buyer experience: BigCommerce offers all the features you’d expect from an established e-Commerce platform – such as blogs, SEO integration, image optimisation, AMP (accelerated mobile pages) and product categories. 


*Seamless integration with selling platforms such as Amazon, eBay and Etsy: Grow your business through optimising consumer reach with established reselling partners quickly and easily. 


*Over 65 integrated payment gateways to choose from: BigCommerce is very business-centric. It wants to get you paid, so it features more than 65 payment platforms to choose from, including the big players such as Stripe, PayPal, Square and Apple Pay.  


*Sales optimisation features: BigCommerce is jam-packed with features to make sure you can attempt to squeeze a sale out of every single visitor – such as abandoned cart saving functionality (although some of these may not be available on standard plans)  

Is BigCommerce a good fit for me?

Developing on BigCommerce is best suited to you if you’re an e-Commerce brand with big ambitions to grow – therefore needing a platform that can seamlessly scale as you do. In fact, we recommend BC to many of our clients – it all depends on where you are now, where you’re headed, how involved you want to be in the development process, and what kind of budget you have.  


BigCommerce is likely suited to you if: 


*You prefer a large one-off investment rather than paying hefty monthly fees. Don’t forget you’ll need to set aside funds each month for website maintenance and upkeep as well as partner fees for transactions and third-party apps. 


*You have rapid growth forecasted and anticipate large volumes of sales and high revenue from your store. 


*Your business depends on multiple revenue streams from other retail partners as well as your main site. 


*You sell products that have previously been (or could still be) rejected by other selling platforms due to risk factor, such as financial services, CBD or pharmaceutical products, or gambling.  


*You want to expand into new territories or sell worldwide straight away (more on this below!)  


BigCommerce is not going to work well for you if: 


*You want a quick, easy solution: BigCommerce is brilliant for all sorts of reasons, but it’s complex, and you will need a dedicated BigCommerce developer in order to build and beautify your e-Commerce site. If you want to DIY, or need something you can easily maintain and add on to yourself as you expand, Shopify is going to be a better option. 


*You’re starting super small: If you’re starting with just a handful of products you’re going to be trading off the straightforward, simpler functionality of an alternative platform for features you’re not going to make the best of just yet. Better to start on another platform (such as Shopify), then look to BigCommerce as you expand. You may find that another platform simply has more to offer in-line with your long-term ambitions.

Is BigCommerce web design suitable for start-ups?

There’s a bit of a myth out there surrounding BigCommerce’s suitability (or rather, lack of) for start-ups and smaller companies. With a name like BigCommerce, it’s easy to be mistaken! But actually BigCommerce can be the ideal platform for an ambitious start-up, provided you have lofty aspirations and a solid growth strategy for your business. 


Budget-wise BigCommerce costs can be comparable to other platforms depending on your requirements, but there are of course costs associated with BigCommerce design and development to consider.  


Starting out, but unsure whether to dive into BigCommerce development or go down a different route? Fear not – we’ll be on-hand to take the stress out of the decision-making process as you make that all-important choice. 

Should I work with a bigcommerce agency?

You may have gathered by now that despite BigCommerce’s many draws and benefits, it has one caveat – the need for dedicated, specialist support by your side to make the most of its many features.  


BigCommerce web design features appear deceptively simple on the outset – with ‘drag and drop’ functionality and a set of customisable templates to choose from. But getting the look and feel of your site to perfectly reflect your brand vision and values isn’t so straightforward – which is where our expertise as a BigCommerce comes in.  

Advantages of working with a Bigcommerce agency

You could try to navigate the complexities of BigCommerce web design yourself, or enlist a developer fluent in html and CSS to help you out. But a dedicated platform such as BigCommerce requires (and deserves) a dedicated team.  


So why should you work with a BigCommerce agency? 


*Full-service solution: As a BigCommerce agency, we have a team of experienced BigCommerce developers to make your digital dreams come true, alongside our marketing experts who’ll be on-hand to help you get your brand out there.


*We know BigCommerce web design inside out: Our BigCommerce developers are well-versed in the complexities of working with BC – and know how to manipulate the platform to get your desired aesthetic and functionality. Employing a developer with little to no experience of BigCommerce development is going to add a considerable amount of time to your build – and doesn’t guarantee it’ll be optimally constructed or meet your specifications.  


*Smooth and swift journey to launch: Having a BigCommerce agency on board irons out any bumps in the road and ensures you’ll be set up to get selling in no time.  

*Proactive and responsive ongoing support: You’ll have a team of expert BigCommerce developers on-hand to ensure your site remains in perfect working order at all times – and conduct planned maintenance for you or make changes along the way as needed (see more on this next) .


*You need comprehensive and holistic suite of services to get your site off the ground: Our BigCommerce agency team also includes marketing professionals, from social media gurus and PR professionals to expert content writers to optimise the written elements of your site such as product descriptions and blogs.  


If you’re ready to embark on your BigCommerce build, or need more advice on whether BigCommerce is the right fit for you – get in touch today.  




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