Why Strategy Fails

“The strategy itself usually isn’t where it goes wrong for most brands – it is due to a lack of alignment, consistency and implementation, across all business functions.”    The Starting Point    Defining a strategy – whether it is specific to business growth, brand recognition or digitalisation – sounds like a pretty good starting… Continue reading Why Strategy Fails

Consumer Insight

“Mood and atmosphere changes everything. Context of how your consumer feels when engaging with your brand matters”.   The emotional connection and joy we get when engaging with a brand that is perfectly positioned for us isn’t elusive nor luck-based. It is curated by the company through a series of analysis and clinical data collection, forming solid consumer insights and consumer profiles.  At… Continue reading Consumer Insight

e-Commerce Strategy

If you’re feeling lost or suspect your e-Commerce site isn’t reaching its potential – we’re here to help. At LaBrand our focus is on helping our D2C clients to excel and succeed with solutions-based, hands-on support and dedicated e-Commerce strategic consulting to take away the complication of navigating this complex space.   “e-Commerce strategic consulting with an edge” We believe that e-Commerce… Continue reading e-Commerce Strategy

International e-Commerce

Brand and product relevancy across different markets is essential for sustainable growth  The beauty of e-Commerce is its versatility and the freedom to share your product with anyone, anywhere in the world – if you have the proposition, infrastructure and knowhow that is. Navigating the complexities and challenges of selling in different territories successfully requires… Continue reading International e-Commerce