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About us

We're a friendly team of
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LaBrand was launched with the sole focus of creating world-class DTC experiences that drive growth for our clients.


We knew this would require a team of skilled people, each with their own specialism and a shared ambition to elevate our clients and help them realise their ambitions. If you want to stand out from the crowd and win in a busy marketplace, we’ve got to work together.


Our process helps us deliver a streamlined client experience, but above all we are a team of people who really care about your results. We’ll be with you every step of the way, with ideas, support and creative flair to help you win.


Our Process

A. Analyse..

Considering all your data, products, and success you have collected to date, we will immerse ourselves into your brand, by doing this we will quickly learn who your current consumer is, their purchasing habits and so much more.

We will then review competitors, potential technology to sharpen the operation and drive more results and start to build out a robust plan to implement across your business to start to redefine your DTC approach.

B. Build..

When it comes to selecting the right platform and technology for your business there are so many options from, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Wix etc that it can be a little overwhelming. We like to make the complex simple and remove all the jargon and focus on your business, products, consumers, and features required.

We will review things like subscriptions, bundles, gifting, referrals, eCrm, SEO, abandonment of basket, retargeting and so much more. When it comes to DTC and platform selection you are in good hands as we will always put you and your consumers’ needs first.

C. Consult..

From our initial Consultation, we want you to lean on us and our expert team to guide you through the world of DTC and all the moving parts.

From the initial discovery piece, we will start to provide you with the ammunition to feel confident in taking on new markets, grow your business with the knowledge and reassurance that LaBrand’s team of experts have you back from day one.

D. Deliver..

We have now Analysed, Built and Consulted to ensure a rock-solid business plan is in place to drive, growth success and return for our clients. The previous steps are vital for any brand running or launching a DTC to succeed.

The time is now to deliver. That doesn’t just mean a parcel to someone’s door, but to drive continuous improvement across the site with regards to performance, conversions, engagement, repeat custom, referrals and so on.

So, our expert trading team, data team and UX/UI work in sync with you to deliver a seamless execution of your DTC experience.

team labrand

We’re a close-knit team of e-Commerce experts with skills acquired over great careers. We’re here to help you build world-class DTC experiences.

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